My Journey To Organization

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Hi, I'm Wendy. And welcome to the official blog page for Manage the Chaos, Professional Organizing service. A good blog is like a conversation, and so I thought it would help me feel more like I know you if I introduced myself to you and told you a little bit about how I came to be a professional organizer. I would love to tell you that I was a born organizer and that my childhood bedroom was a thing of beauty with all my barbies lined up in a row with all her clothes hung neatly in her Dream House--color-coded, of course. NOPE! Not even close! I owned a beanbag chair (remember those?) that functioned as a laundry hamper/closet, meaning that sometimes clean clothes were piled on it and sometimes dirty ones, and I’m not sure I always knew which was which!

I can say that I have always desired order. I am a born problem solver and would make grand attempts to organize my space by making a project of cleaning up and organizing my things, but it never lasted. Within a month, the floor was something I took for granted must still be present under the piles of clothing and teenage debris.

Fast forward to my mid twenties: I found myself the mother of 3 little boys and talk about chaos!!! I was overwhelmed and outnumbered, and because I didn’t have any system or plan to counter the truly ruled our lives. The house was a mess most of the time. But even then, there was the faintest glimmer of that “closet” organizer (pun intended) I had inside. I have a friend who recently told me how she used to laugh when she would visit my home. The house would be a total disaster, but if you opened a closet, everything was stacked neatly and in perfect order. It was a space I could control. But with 3 toddlers running around, and with no plan to overcome the chaos beyond the closet, it was a recipe for mayhem. We were late to everything and only had half of what we needed when we got there. I was what you might call a frustrated perfectionist. If I couldn’t control my environment, and I had no idea how to start, then why try! It seemed hopeless.

The beginning of my organizational enlightenment began when I was talked into hosting a home decor party. I could name it, and you would know it, but I won’t. Anyway, a few days before the party, I was related to a good friend how horrific my house was and I how I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull it all together in time for this party. This particular friend was one of the most organized people I had ever met. She kindly offered to come over that evening after my children were in bed to help me clean the house. Sure enough, she showed up at my door right on time with a bright smile asking, “Ready to get started?” She was completely taken aback when I promptly burst into tears! She had no way of knowing that before she arrived, the dog had thrown up crayons (yes, he ate a whole box) on the entryway rug, my middle son had gotten back into the tub (yes it was full of water) complete with footie pajamas, and all the while the oldest was running around yelling for my help, because he was trying to get dressed while still wet. Ah…those were the days….

Sorry….I digress. Anyway, thank goodness this friend was also very compassionate and caring, so she calmed me down and together we dug in and got the job done. The party was a success, and I didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of having my friends see my house at its worst. Disaster averted. But what stayed in my mind was the did my friend manage to have her life so in order? What was the key to her success? Was there some secret order of organization to which I hadn’t been invited? I wanted to be that woman who had it all together. But sadly….I was not. What was missing?

Not long after this, while watching The Oprah Winfrey Show, she had a guest on that changed my life. Elena Morgenstern, organizational guru. She related how when her first child was born, she realized that while being unorganized as an adult with no children could be inconvenient, being unorganized with a baby could be catastrophic. Boy, was I a witness to that! So I ordered her book, and so it began.

Does that mean my house is always immaculate? Oh no...not in the least. But what it does mean is that when I receive the dreaded phone call from the pastor’s know the one...the one where she wants to drop something off to you really quick....yes, that call......I don’t have to panic, no matter the state of my home. And that is because everything in my home has a home. Yes, I said that right....everything in my home has a home. I don’t have to throw papers in the oven or hide toys under a bed, or shove dirty laundry into drawers with clean laundry. When your “stuff” has a home, putting items away is so easy. I’ve also learned that organizing your home is as individual as you are. We are not all alike, our families are not all alike, and so neither can our organizational style be all alike. If we implement a system that matches the personality of you and your home, then you will be successful. Just like I was……..and still am. All these years later.

So I hope I have helped you realize that being organized isn’t something you are born with and if you weren’t, then that’s that! On the contrary, organization CAN be learned and developed. Life isn’t ever conquered; it is managed. I hope to provide tips and tricks to getting and staying organized here as well as some life lessons I have learned along my life’s journey. My life isn’t all about organizing, and neither should yours be. We are whole people with multiple passions in life. Feel free to leave me a comment below introducing yourself and tell me a little bit about your passions and what you like to read about. Let’s get about the business of managing our chaos!!

Make today an organized day!

Wendy B

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